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A Big God for a Little People

5 Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation. 6 God settles the solitary in a home; he leads out the prisoners to prosperity, but the rebellious dwell in a parched land.- Psalm 68 ESV

A Big God for a Little People

This story began two weeks ago when I had a dental appointment in McHenry, IL. The clinic is almost an hour drive from my home in Roselle, IL, but Dr. D gives me a break all the time. I met Dr. D in 2007 when I was speaking at his home church, Fellowship of Faith, McHenry, IL. For a few years, we kept in touch, before I finally surrendered to his drill. He is an interesting person who enjoys reading theology, international politics, and history books. He and I are alike in many ways.

After that dental visit, Dr. D saw that I had two bikes with me on a rack, and we talked about how Salam Christian Fellowship helps new immigrants who don’t drive by giving them bicycles, or by providing bikes to their kids. Dr. D said: “I may have a bike or two in my attic for you. I know you could use them. They may need some tune up.” After a week, before I was scheduled for another dental visit, Dr. D sent me a photo of five bikes he fished out in his attic. I was excited as usual, because I love bikes and like to give people a “tool for fun.” And I love to put a smile on somebody’s face.

But that was not all. Dr. D texted me and asked if I could use a child’s bike. So, I replied, “Sure.” However, I had no idea what kind of bike it was, because it was not in the photograph that he had sent me before. So, that same day, I texted a new Syrian refugee, Mo, who has three kids and needed a bike. Mo texted me back saying, “Yes, we need a bike, but the most important thing is that you can get a bike for my little daughter, Lilly, 6. She is jealous of her older two brothers who ride the only bike we have, and fight over it.” I replied, “I will do my best.” Last week, during my dental visit, Dr. D said that the five bikes were ready for me to pick up at his home, and the child’s bike that I saw at his clinic’s entrance was the one he had picked up a few days ago. He said that he was going on his early morning walk when he saw a pink girl’s bike on the curb with the sign “free.” So, he went back, got his car, and got the bike for me–when both of us did not know about Lilly’s need. How God on His sovereign throne cares for us little people, to send a “big wig” on an early morning walk to pick up a bike for a little Syrian refugee and give it to her in the name of Jesus. Lilly does not know how to ride. It is her first bike. So, we got her training wheels from Walmart. It takes a lot of work to put a smile on a child’s face. But it is always worth it when it is in the name of Jesus. Mo said that he knew dignity only when he arrived in America. He got a driver’s license (DL) without knowing or speaking English, and helped his wife, who does not speak English, get her DL too. He works very hard, 5 days a week, in order to provide for his family, and is learning English with a plan to study for CDL. A girl’s bike may be a small thing, but showing kindness to a poor Syrian family that was traumatized by savage wars in the Middle East is a big thing in sharing God’s plan of salvation. He keeps showing us that He is a big God who is there for us, even though we are little people. Amen!