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Where is Missionary Hesham Shehab?

December 2022
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أبولوجيا | الحلقة 6 | هل المسيح إنسان أم إله؟-Apologia | Episode 6 | Is Christ a human or a god?

Thank you to Brother Rachid at Al Karma TV for allowing us to subtitle & transcribe this informative Apologia series. Original video link:

Salam Ministry Presentation at Tecumseh Reformation Sunday-St. John Lutheran Church, Tecumseh, NE

” The attendees really enjoyed the message you shared in the worship services and your presentation! Thank you so much for coming to share with us how God has and continues to work in your life and ministry!” Rev. Marcel Kohlmeyer

Salam Spiritual Retreat & Fellowship-Walcamp Nov. 05,2022

This event was held on Saturday November 05, 2022 from 12:00 PM to 5:30 PM at Walcamp Outdoor Ministries And Retreat Center 32653 5 Points Rd, Kingston, IL 60145. The topic of discussion was Jesus Christ in the Gospel of John. We are thankful to NID Target Mission grant and Thrivent for sponsoring this event.

Apologia Episode 12-Why Was Christ Compared to a Sheep?(أبولوجيا الحلقة 12 لماذا تم تشبيه المسيح بالخروف)-By Brother Rachid-Alkarma TV

Brother Rashid-Apologia Ep. 14: Is the Bible Altered/Corrupted?أبولوجيا الحلقة :14 هل الإنجيل محرف؟

A Lutheran Response to Islam- May 1,2022 Presentation by Pastor Hesham Shehab

Zion Lutheran Church-Sunday Worship Service April 15,2022

Brother Rasheed-Rasheed Episode 2- Apologia- AL KARMA TV

St. Mark's Lutheran Church Worship Service 11:00 AM-April 03,2022

Salam Christian Fellowship Singing-Easter 2021

Tre Ore Worship Service , Zion Hinsdale Apr 2, 2021 -Pastor Hesham Shehab

"You Will Be My Witness" - at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and School 01/03/2021 - Pastor Shehab

Peace Church Lombard - Sunday Worship 10/4/20

Salam Christian fellowship Worship Service- 09/19/2020

Pastor Hesham’s Interview with St Peter Lutheran Church, Arlington Heights, Illinois-24 Aug,2020

Flattening The Curve of racism Interviews with Pastor Greiner, Reverend Dr. John Nunes, Pastor Hesham Shehab and Bishop Mandla Khumalo

Click the link below to watch the interview:

Salam's Social Services and Nader Hanna-July 28, 2020

Rev Chehab St James Chicago -July 05, 2020

Raheem's Testimony-June 19, 2020