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Evangelist Yamout Aiding LHM- Beirut with Syrian Refugees Will Speak at Salam/ Time Change

Are you interested in the Syrian crisis and its repercussions? Do you have question on the role of the Church in this humanitarian disaster? Do not miss Brother Mohammad Yamout’s inspiring presentation and the Middle Eastern dinner at Salam on May 3, at 6: 00 p.m. NOT 12:30 Peace Lutheran Church, 21W500 Butterfield Road, Lombard, IL 60148.
We needed to move the presentation time due to Yamout’s packed agenda in the USA..Yamout arrived yesterday on the East Cost..Please RSVP to or 331 645 0650
(see link:
Yamout shares the love of Christ with Syrian refugees and others in South Lebanon, in the Middle East. Salam has been raising funds for Bibles for more than one year for the Lutheran Hour Ministry in Beirut, where Yamout gets them and passes them to refugees thetre.
In early February 2014, a group of LHM—Lebanon volunteers led by Yamout traveled about 50 miles south of Beirut to a refugee center in the coastal city of Tyre. The volunteers brought food, Bibles, Lutheran Hour Ministries materials, and a Gospel message of comfort and hope to the Syrian families there, most of whom are Muslims. “We pray,” says LHM—Lebanon Director Fadi Khairallah, “that the Word of God works in the heart of everyone who attended and leads them to salvation through Christ.”

In addition to giving Syrian refugees in Lebanon the Bread of Life, Brother Yamout is helping with some of their health issues with the support of a Korean medical team. I received this below, from Yamout:

“Great Ministry last Wednesday with my Korean Friends in the Syrian Bedouin Camp…
A doctor, a nurse and a brother I love dearly…”
The number of Syrian refugees in lebanon is now estimated at two million, while the Lebanese population is only four.


Hesham Shehab

Hicham [pronounced HESHAAM] grew up in a world of bitter animosity between Muslims and Christians, which he experienced personally in a physical attack when only about 7. By age 13 he was recruited by an extremist Muslim group and later fought against Christians in the 1975 war in Lebanon. He was preparing to become a Muslim Preacher (Imam) when a car accident laid him up for a year. In 1980, in his first semester in college, his brother was killed by Christian militia. Hicham's response was to study by day, and by night take out his revenge in attacks on Christians. However, hearing the Sermon on the Mount, in a course of cultural studies (in college), brought him to faith. Later, Hicham earned an M.A. in the history of the Arabs and did Ph.D studies in the history of Islam. Hicham finished his pastoral education at Concordia, Fort Wayne, IN, and is currently in the Ph. D program there. Presently, Hicham, and ordained LCMS minister, pastors Salam Christian Fellowship and works as a missionary to the Muslims with the Lutheran Church in Illinois.

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  1. How can I help. Where do I send cash.

    1. Horizons International

  2. Hats off to the evangelist muhammad yamout. May the gracious Lord protect him under the shadow of HIS wings where ever he goes.

  3. God is Great and He does great job between his beautiful children ,, I have been refugee for almost 7.5 years, I’m very familiar with this situation with my bones … during my residency in Turkey when the missionaries has coming us ,,, it has reminded me the visiting the Lord with His angels with Abraham while has promised to gonna blessed Sarah and Abraham…. I appreciate all those missionaries whose have a huge duty and responsibilities for all around the world… specially Muslim world .As an activist for human rights I can not wait to see our brother Yamout between our family in Salam. Glory to God .

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