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Praying for the Muslim Brotherhood

Jesus, you teach us to love our enemies and to pray for
those who persecute us. You said over and over in your
Word that ALL who call on the name of Jesus WILL be
saved. We’re so thankful that there is NO ONE beyond
your reach. There is no one in the Brotherhood who you
would not joyfully save, if they turned to Jesus.
God you know the hearts of everyone in the
Brotherhood. You know their motives and their
Heavenly Father you know that many of them are trying
in their spiritual lives and political activism to reach you
and please you, but they have lost the Way to you; who
is Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father, use their sincerity to
reveal Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Son of the Living
God, the way you revealed Him to Peter.
Heavenly Father, you know that those who are
motivated by power and politics, are in the Satan’s grip,
and Satan, the Father of Lies is using them to misguide
other Muslims and bog them down in the quick sands of

political Islam. We pray that those Muslims who are
victims of the Prince of Darkness and his instruments
would know the Truth, and the Truth would set them
free. Also, we pray for the Brotherhood leaders, and that
may God show how evil it is to misguide young Muslims
and plant the seeds of discontent and anger in them.

God, you see all of them that work tirelessly to revive
what they see as true Islam. We know that Satan has
portrayed to them that Islam is Abraham’s religion. They
are exactly like the Pharisees, working to bring restrictive
and detrimental regulations to themselves, to their
families, to their communities, and even their
governments. Heavenly Father, reveal to them that true
Son of Abraham, Jesus Christ. Reveal to them the light of
the world so that they will not live anymore in darkness.

We pray that even the highest leaders of the Muslim
Brotherhood would come to Jesus and that it would lead
many others under their influence to faith in Jesus.
We pray that those leaders would have a Damascus
encounter with Jesus. Just as God transformed Saul into
Paul through an encounter with Jesus, so can He

transform today’s persecutors into tomorrow’s
Heavenly Father give them sight. Enable them to see YOU

  • the Light of the Gospel. That they would see how
    precious you are. The depth of your love and compassion
    for them. Your beauty. Your glory. Because we know that
    when any of us come face-to-face with you, perfect God,
    you lay our sin before us; offering forgiveness and grace.
    Heavenly Father, we have ALL sinned and fallen short of
    your glory. Reveal to them the truth about their sinful
    nature, and that all of us are not born as clean slates, but
    born in sin, and need the Savior who regenerates us.

God, you saw every single thing that I did against you and
against people you created. But you never stopped loving
and pursuing me. And I pray that you, in your infinite
mercy, would show the Brotherhood who you are. Show
them this love that you have shown me. Give them the
freedom and joy that I now know. Deliver them from
hatred, pride, anger, a lust for power and controlling
others. Show them the hypocrisy of their community
engagement while they intimidate and impose their will
on others.

“Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but…against
the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual
forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Eph 6:12).

Heavenly Father, we pray first for Muslim Brotherhood in
Egypt who are very bitter, because they lost former
president Muhammad Morsi. They feel wronged and
disappointed after working more than 85 years to get to
power. We feel their frustration, and bitterness.
Heavenly father, use all that disappointment to open
their eyes and divert all of that towards the Truth; Jesus
We pray for the Brotherhood in Turkey, and ask you to
use the European and international situation against
them. We ask you Father that you show the Turks the
darkness of Islam, and what the Brotherhood leadership
doing in Turkey will lead to the countries demise. We
pray for visions and dreams of Jesus that would awaken
the people to the saving Grace and love of the Prince of

Heavenly Father, we pray for the female population in
the Brotherhood. May you Lord reveal to them that Islam
is a man’s religion, not God’s religion. Lord, we pray that
they would encounter God’s Word. That they would see
the freedom and fulfillment in Jesus. That they would
turn to you and that they might win over their husbands
by their transformation. Show them how to express your
love to their sons and to show them that there is a better
Lord, we pray that you would protect the minds of the
children in these families. Guard their hearts from lies
and hatred. Show them your beauty and your worth.
Lead them on an exciting journey of discovery and truth.
We pray for the Brotherhood that work under different
names in the West like Council of American Islamic
Relations (CAIR) and Islamic Society of North America
(ISNA), and others. We plead with the blood of Jesus that
you foil their conspiracies in the West. We pray that you
protect Muslim communities in the West from their
Dear God, we know that they prey on gullible common
Muslims and lead them astray.

Thank you Lord for drying up the support that came from
the Saudis for so long. And we pray now that you would
dry up the funds coming from Turkey and Qatar.
Father we’re thankful that most in the Brotherhood live
in places where they can have access to your Word. We
pray that they would receive your Word with humility
and openness. Father we pray that you would break the
chains of hatred, of animosity, of violence, of rage – and
that they would see that your Word is not a product of
the West but that you love us so much that you came to
the earth yourself and you chose to walk the lands in the
Middle East.

God we’re pleading that you would soften their hearts.
Prepare them to hear and then bring them to your Word
on TV, on radio, on their phones, on social media. And
we pray that the seed you sow would fall on fertile soil.

We’re not just asking people to turn and be free. But
we’re asking that you would raise up mighty evangelists,
even historic witnesses to your power to transform.

Heavenly Father, use former Muslim Brotherhood
members to communicate your glory and to impact the
Muslim world because of how you have transformed
We pray for Muslim Brotherhood members who, even
now, are torn by what they see and broken by what
they’ve done. They are struggling and dissatisfied. They
see the meaninglessness and don’t know what to do.
Bring them hope. Show them that Jesus is the way, the
Truth, and the life. Deliver them from ALL evil. Make a
way for them. And give them courage to follow Jesus,
wherever He leads. In the precious of name of Jesus.
Hesham Shehab