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From Brother Ted Barham’s Christmas Newsletter…A Testimony to Christ

From Brother Ted Barham’s Christmas Newsletter…a Testimony to Christ  
This year marks 10 years since I began Muslim ministry, back when John Smith invited me to coordinate Mahabba Oxford. There have been a lot of changes and wonderful adventures with God since then. I should fill you in on how things went in Germany since that’s where I last left off in my newsletter over a year and a half ago. In total we had 4 major media events in Munich. This included the testimony of Hesham Shehab which was viewed by many millions in the Arab world over satellite and is also the 4th most viewed video of over 2,500 videos on the Al Hayat TV YouTube channel. We praise God that it’s among the most viewed testimonies in the Arab world:

In the video Hesham, Arabic church leader from Chicago, told the story of his wonderful conversion in Lebanon after hating a Christians as a Muslim Brotherhood fighter. Muslim people far and wide (possibly including extremists), had been made aware in advance of his talk so some of us were thinking of ways for him to make a quick and safe getaway afterwards. But he said no, he wanted to stick around instead and chat with Muslim seekers, which he did. He set a new example of courage, different from the high-security norm.