With Christ’s Love, Chaplain Saving Lives

Last month, March 2018, Chaplain Chris Kolupa saved the life of a new Iraqi immigrant who was getting ready to commit suicide. With God’s Grace, Kolupa was able to intervene, defuse the situation, and transport the disoriented refugee to a medical facility where the immigrant stayed for two weeks. With prayers and pastoral visits, Chaplain Kolupa was able to bring the patient to a normalcy. Please pray both for the Iraq refugee and Chaplain Kolupa.
Chris Kolupa, a native Chicagoan, is a volunteer chaplain and a musician who is helping Salam ministry by offering his time and talent in order to show the love of Christ to new immigrants from the Middle East.
Refugees suffer from an immigration Syndrome, a malady recognized by the United Nations and medical authorities, as well as PTSD. Only Christ’s love could heal those who were uprooted from their home countries and went through physical and/or emotional torture.
Salam Christian Fellowship is a Word and Sacrament ministry that holds the Bible in one hand and social services in the other. At Salam, we share the love of Christ by preaching Him crucified as well as through human services so that Middle Eastern people would see our good deeds and glorify our Father in Heaven. Forty one Middle Eastern people have been so far baptized through Salam.

You can donate to support Chaplain Kolupa who lives by faith and serves Salam by going online or sending a check for that purpose.
Rev. Hesham Shehab