Roberta Lutz Called to Glory

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Roberta Lutz Called to Glory
It saddens me to announce that we have lost a pillar of our community of faith. Mrs. Roberta Lutz was called to Glory. However, we should not mourn Roberta’s passing away, but celebrate her exemplary life which was entirely devoted to the Lord and her husband’s ministry, my dear friend and mentor Rev. Dr. Bernhard Lutz.
She supported Bernie through thick and thin in his missionary and pastoral work. Bernie and Roberta were a spectacular team. He was the engine, and she was the brakes and steering wheel.
Faithful and devout, she travelled and spread the Gospel in desolate and dangerous areas of the world. When Papua New Guinea was still in the Stone Age, in the 1960s, she bore her first child there. living in the jungles. Roberta was at Bernie’s side when he fell down a steep mountain slope and broke his back.
Bernie and Roberta left their indelible mark on Africa too, where Rev. Lutz taught seminary in Nigeria and made disciples. Through their ministry of Word and Sacrament, the Holy Spirit transformed the lives of many in the US, where Bernie pastored many churches. Later, they served part of their “retirement” in Lebanon.
In Beirut, Lebanon, their devotion and fire for the Lord changed my life, and led me to Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Actually, Salam Christian Fellowship is the fruit of the seed they planted in Lebanon and the United States. The Lord, undoubtedly used them to call countless others to the Lord. We will all grieve Roberta’s parting, but heaven will rejoice at the arrival of God’s faithful and beloved daughter; Roberta. -Hicham