Month: May 2013

Radical Islam and the West, the Role of Technology

By Hicham Chehab   Technology and globalization seem to rule supreme in the West and cause in their wake religious reductionism. deconstructionism, and Nihilism (in what used to be called Christendom) that lead to more community secularization. Contrary to that, Islamic fundamentalist movements are utilizing those same means, i.e. technology and globalization, in order to

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Love Your Enemies; the Power of the Gospel

Love Your Enemies : The Power of the Gospel By Hicham Chehab “Your Muslim brother was killed by Christians, and my Christian son was killed by Muslims, but both of us find forgiveness, solace, and hope in Jesus Christ,” George Langhorst said to me. Langhorst’s son Moy was killed in action while serving in the

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