He Was ‘Stripped Naked ‘ Before Hearing God’s Call in a Lebanese Devil’s Den

He had it all, he said: A beautiful wife and home, a business and $500, 000. And then for 20 years he kept running away from God . But one day, while working in Lebanon in what he would later see as a devil’s den , he was “stripped naked .” It took bankruptcy and a prison term before he surrendered to the call of God.
Mohammad, a member of a large Islamic family that includes Muslim clerics, was now on the streets of Lebanon, daily risking his life by preaching the love of Jesus to strangers .
You can hear the rest of his story on Saturday, March 30th at 12:30 at Salam Christian Fellowship, at the Peace Lutheran Church, 21W500 Butterfield Rd. , Lombard. A Middle Eastern lunch will follow. You’ll also see Mohammad rekindle his childhood friendship with the pastor there, Hicham Chehab, whom he hasn’t seen in 30 years