Summer 2018

May 10, 2018

Dear Salam Supporter,

Most Middle Eastern immigrants are refugees who have nothing when they arrive in Chicago. Refugees often suffer from an immigration syndrome, a malady recognized by the United Nations and medical authorities, as well as PTSD. Only Christ’s love can heal those who were uprooted from their home and went through physical and/or emotional torture.

Thanks to you Salam Christian Fellowship is able to provide a Word and Sacrament ministry that shares Jesus and provides social service needs.   We share the love of Christ by preaching Him crucified as well as through human services so that Middle Eastern people will see Christ by our actions and the true love and grace of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Bringing together Middle Eastern people with different tribal and cultural backgrounds involves creating new relationships and confidences.  Salam’s goal is to move Salam attendees from individual tribes to the one new tribe – the tribe of Jesus Christ.  Although this is a slow process, the Salam’s Christian community is growing stronger in its faith and numbers through the power of the Holy Spirit with each weekly worship, fellowship meals, Bible study groups, one on one visitation, women’s and children’s ministries and the direct help and encouragement between Salam members and volunteers.

Your support has helped Missionary Shehab to reach out to people with help for their daily living and to provide meals for fellowship opportunities.  A gift of $135.00 would provide the meal before the service.  A gift of $75.00 would pay for the half of the weekly gas bill we incur because Missionary Hicham drives many people to their doctors, appointments and picks them up for worship.  A gift of $40.00 will help pay for the weekly fellowship “coffees” that Missionary Hicham and his wife Mona have to build relationships with Muslim men and women.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of Middle Easterners and helping Salam Christian Fellowship become a new tribe for these people, providing them with support and encouragement from Christian mission volunteers who show them.

In our Risen Savior’s name,

Hesham Shehab