Muhammad Al-bess’ story

I was born in Jerusalem in 1985 to a very religious Muslim family in Palestine.  My family members are Muslims.  As a child, my grandfather and father would give me ahammad Al-bess’ story beating if I did not go to the mosque and learn the teachings of Islam.

The majority of the population of Palestine is Muslim.  A few exceptions are the cities of  Ramallah and Bethlehem.  Christians have been leaving Ramallah and Bethlehem because of persecution by Muslims.  Muslims are killing and encouraging people to kill in the name of Islam any who are not Muslim.  Muslim clerics were preaching that Christians are “crusaders”, and instigate the Muslim population against Christians and Jews.

I didn’t believe this was true and started investigating Christianity and found out that it encourages love and tolerance among people.  Later, I saw Jesus in a dream. He extended his hand to me, saying “ I will open your heart to the Truth and help you.”  I realized then that Jesus Christ is the son of God.  That happened in the summer of 2002.

I worked for a Palestinian company and met some Christians who became my friends.  I secretly went to church with them for three years.  I asked to be baptized but they refused because they were afraid of persecution and that their church might be burned down.

My Muslin co-workers found out I was going to church and began insulting me too.  I was forced to resign and my Christian friends were also fired.   While I attended the university, my friends learned I followed Christ  and they beat me and threatened to kill me.  I dropped out  and was afraid I would be killed.

I immigrated to the United states and was Baptized on February 26, 2012.  I am taking college classes and one day plan to be a Christian Pastor.