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With Christ’s Love, Chaplain Saving Lives

Last month, March 2018, Chaplain Chris Kolupa saved the life of a new Iraqi immigrant who was getting ready to commit suicide. With God’s Grace, Kolupa was able to intervene, defuse the situation, and transport the disoriented refugee to a medical facility where the immigrant stayed for two weeks. With prayers and pastoral visits, Chaplain

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Forty Five years ago, I was sitting at Shehab Mosque in a Beirut neighborhood, Lebanon. I was helping the imam, Sheikh Abdul Sami Al Shareef with his Quranic studies session after the sunset prayers. I was the youngest among the several older people who gathered in a circle to hear Shiekh Al Shareef interpret the

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He Is Risen

God who turned the Crucifixion into the Resurrection can turn your disbelief and despair into faith. Trust in the power of the Resurrected Christ and He will take your sins and sorrows and turn them into forgiveness and joy. He will turn defeat into victory, turn shame into glory, and turn death into eternal life.

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Jesus Christ, The Prince Peace, Reconciles Enemies

17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.[a] The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. 18 All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation; 19 that is, in Christ God was reconciling[b] the world to himself, not

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From a Muslim Extremist to a Follower of Christ; a Testimony to Jesus Christ

Who am I? What is my true nature or essence? What is my true identity? What is my greater purpose in life? How should I live my life? What is death? What happens when we die? Is there a god, and, if so, what is his nature? Most of us do not walk around every

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A Middle Eastern Woman Flies to Jesus

Today, Tamara (not her real name), a young Muslim woman was called to the waters of baptism. The angles are rejoicing in heaven and welcoming this new Child of God into the Kingdom. She tried to go to church and follow Jesus in the Middle East, but her family threatened her. In such a shame

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Love Your Enemies

BELOW IS A TRANSLATION FROM THE FRENCH, A FACEBOOK POST FROM MR. ASAAD CHAFTARI’S ACCOUNT. THIS IS A REAL STORY THAT TOOK PLACE IN AUSTRALIA IN 2003. One night, always in Australia, sitting with my friend hicham in a Lebanese restaurant whose owner had welcomed us with the affabilité of our country, the latter, after

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The Suffering Messiah: God’s Mission in the Old Testament

Below are four distinct, different ways, in which the missionary message of the Old Testament affects, directs, guides, influences, and or defines the mission work of the Church today. Jesus is the Messiah who suffered for our sins and encourages us to be a light to the world. The concept of crossing geographical or cultural

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Jesus’ Cross and Resurrection Are My Comfort

“Pastor Hesham, I cannot take it anymore. I want to be baptized,” Lateef, a refugee from the Middle East told me. “I feel crushed under the burden of my sins,” he added. Lateef who is almost sixty is a devoted attendee at Salam Christian Fellowship. He has marked every chapter in his Bible with different

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Salam Tenth Anniversary Celebration In Chicagoland

d < While Chicagoans were celebrating the 180th Birthday of the City of Chicago, some Christians in the suburbs were attending the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Salam Christian Fellowship at the Community Center of Trinity Lutheran Church in Roselle, Illinois. Approximately 80 people gathered on Saturday evening, March 4, to share a Middle Eastern meal

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