He proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ–with all boldness and without hindrance! Acts 28: 31

yamout teaching

Undaunted by the “powers of Darkness” in Lebanon, Brother Yamout is celebrating Easter with the locals in South Lebanon, and teaching them about the Bread of Life.

Preparing for Easter Monday to distribute a dozen of boiled eggs, pack of bread and The Bread of Life ( A New Testament ) to Poor Syrian Refugees, Poor Palestinian Refugees, and Poor Lebanese Families…


 easter eggs

Greetings in Christ

Again, I am sorry I could not come to the USA because of the Powers of Darkness (holding my passport in Beirut, Lebanon).yamout Easteryamout Easter 1
Keep lifting us in prayer, as we are preparing to do a lot in way of Evangelism.
Tomorrow, we will be presenting an Easter Sketch and giving out Easter Bags in the Christian quarters. In the afternoon, we have invited around 50 mothers from the neighborhood to celebrate Mother’s Day.
Next week, we will be presenting the sketch 4 times in different villages.
So we need your prayers, when the Devil is on the offensive, we are too…
Thank you.
God Bless
In Christ

If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me

Update from Brother Mohammad:
One brother told me today: “if the leaders of the powers that be in the South of Lebanon !!!( I am being wise 🙂 ) do not want you to preach to their people then do not, you have to be wise”
I was amazed by his statement, specially since he is a minister !!!
My Brethren, the Devil who is the Big Boss of the leaders of the powers that be, never wants us to Preach the Gospel, the Power of God unto Salvation; never wants God to be Glorified; never wants us to be the Salt of the Earth…
Our wisdom is foolishness when it comes to God, we either Stand for God in this World, or we Separate… No in between, Christ was clear from the beginning:
“Then said Jesus unto his disciples,cross for you.”(Matthew 16:24 KJV)
May God help us.

Brother Mohammad Persecuted ..In Tyre….Where Jesus Walked the Earth

Dear Friends,

I would like to share with you the messages below. The events on March 30th and April 3rd are cancelled. Please keep Mohammad in your prayers.

Greetings in Christ
Dear Brother Hicham,
I will not be able to be with you next week, due to unforeseen circumstances:
The General Security in Lebanon is withholding my passport and are not letting me leave the country before they finish their investigation of our ministry in Tyre and of why I became a Christian, they might be thinking that I am a Spy. It looks like the powers that be have pushed them to make us problems, but God is Good.
Do pray for us, this not the first time, we had National Security do that, the first year we were here, and two years ago Secret Intelligence also came and investigated.
I will keep you posted on any developments and as soon as I get my passport I will inform you.
I am very Sorry to trouble you.
Thank you for all your efforts to host me.
God Bless.
In Christ


Greetings in Christ
Yes, you could.
Again, I am sorry.
Keep lifting us in prayer, as we are preparing to do a lot in way of Evangelism.
Tomorrow, we will be presenting an Easter Sketch and giving out Easter BagsIS4086RF-00030697-001. In the afternoon, we have invited around 50 mothers from the neighborhood to celebrate Mother’s Day.
Next week, we will be presenting the sketch 4 times in different villages.
So we need your prayers, when the Devil is on the offensive, we are too…
Thank you.
God Bless
In Christ

Is Faith a Personal Decision ?

Being a follower of Christ and from a Muslim background, I likely have a different perspective of how people are called to faith in Christ. I believe it was not “I” who made that decision; rather, it was Christ who dragged me by the scruff of my neck into salvation—in spite of myself. I also believe that when the seed of faith was planted in me, a flower of faith began to blossom, followed by the fruit of it. I have seen this to be true in every one I have encountered as a church pastor.
We remain sinners, though, whether we trust Jesus or not. And as sinners, the Holy Spirit soon convicts us of our need to repent, to “lose” our addiction to sin. We will also feel an emptiness in our hearts that can be filled only by Jesus.
I believe faith is a mystery and that every one hears the call of Christ with a different dynamic, yet all hear it when they hear the Word of God, the Gospel. This Word drags us like fish from a sea of sin and unbelief into a net of salvation.
As an evangelist, I keep casting my net while trusting God to bring in those fish. Through the years , I have observed that there are different blessings from God which bring individuals to their knees for the first time before the throne of Christ . My blessing was to have heard the command: LOVE YOUR ENEMIES.

Edited by Robert Schwarz

Farsi/ Arabic Bible Study At Salam

We were blessed yesterday (Saturday 3/9/13) to have a bilingual Bible study on Hebrews 9: 11- 14; Jesus the great high priest. We will do a bilingual discussion again on 3/23 at 12: 30 pm..so if you know any Farsi speaking seekers, please send them to Salam: 21w500Butterfield Road, Lombard, IL 60148farsi biblehigh priest

Mohammad of Tyre Coming to Arlington Heights, IL

He had it all, he said: A beautiful wife and home, a business and $500, 000. And then for 20 years he kept running away from God . But one day, while working in Lebanon in what he would later see as a devil’s den , he was “stripped naked .” It took bankruptcy and a prison term before he surrendered to the call of God.
Mohammad, a member of a large Islamic family that includes Muslim clerics, was now on the streets of Lebanon, daily risking his life by preaching the love of Jesus to strangers.middle-eastern-food
You can hear the rest of his story on Wednesday April 3 at 6:30 at St. Peter Lutheran Church, at  111 W. Olive St., Arlington Heights IL 60004. A Middle Eastern dinner will precede the presentation.

Please RSVP to Hicham Chehab at hicham.chehab@gmail.com or call 331 645 0650


The Life and Death Stories of Two Converts from Islam

IS4086RF-00030697-001arab Luth.

Both Men to Share Salam’s  Altar March 30

During my first college semester in 1980, my brother was killed by a leftist ” Christian” militia. I wanted revenge. So, I got a silencer for two pistols and started stalking my enemies in the streets at night. Some were my classmates; I befriended them to learn their movements so I could ambush them.
Meanwhile, as a student at an American college in Beirut, I was enrolled in a cultural studies class in which I read selections from Greek mythology, the Bible, and the Quran. I already had memorized half of the Qur’an, but the Bible was new to me. While reading the Sermon on the Mount, I was at the height of my hate and thirst for vengeance. But when I read Christ’s exhortation to “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:45), I was struck hard. I felt that I was hearing the voice of God in stereo. I felt that Jesus’ exhortation was superhuman and could not emanate from an ordinary human being or an ordinary prophet, but only from a divine source. I read the rest of the Bible in my free time.
Reading the Bible, however, was not enough. I wanted to hear how today’s Christians spoke about Jesus Christ. In the basement of a building one block away from the American University of Beirut (AUB) I discovered a small church. Its preacher was the Rev. Dr. Victor Sadaka, a Lebanese Australian who preached both in Arabic and English. I attended his English services because I had first read the Bible in English, not the Arabic translation (Vandyke’s), which I didn’t like. I used to sneak out of Dr. Sadaka’s services as soon as they ended because I did not want any Christian to know my identity. In that part of Beirut (called Ras Beirut), Muslims intermarried almost exclusively; sharing the same genetic pool caused them to have similar facial features.
One day at Dr. Sadaka’s service, a handsome young guy in his late teens was introduced by one of the elders as a new convert to Christianity. His name was Mohammad Y. I was shocked; his family name indicated that he belonged to one of the largest local Muslim families in Beirut, many including Muslim clerics and Muezzins (those who call Muslims to daily prayer in a mosque).

Yes, God had called me to faith in Jesus Christ according to his own timing. Twenty- four years later, in 2004, I immigrated to the U.S., and settled eventually in Chicagoland. (For more information about this, go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pjjTeUC8UQ ) .
Thirty years have now passed, and I have not heard anything about Mohammad Y. But one day last year I received a newsletter from a mission organization with a report on a missionary in Tyre, South Lebanon. I got excited; in the photo was Mohammad himself, and next to him, his family: a wife and five kids. I recognized his wife immediately. She was a classmate at that American college I attended in Beirut. Noting the newsletter’s the email address, I immediately contacted Mohammad.
This month Mohammad is coming to the U.S. for two months and intends to stay with me for a few days. Do not miss his inspiring presentation at Salam on March 30, at 12: 30 p.m. My friend will share his love of Christ, as he particularly experienced it in the “Devil’s Den” of Beirut. Because of that love, Mohammad was persecuted, tortured, and jailed. But he remained steadfast in the Way! He has a lot to say that will inspire all Americans of all faiths. Below is a brief biography written by Mohammad.
My name is Mohammad, a former Sunni Muslim. I was born in 1966 in Beirut, during the civil war. I was called to faith in Christ through the Sunday school ministry of the Evangelical Bible Church in our neighborhood, in Beirut, Lebanon. My parents kicked me out when I got baptized, and since the age of 13 I lived under the guardianship of my Heavenly Father. Two times, I was threatened with death by Muslim Fundamentalists, and one time I had to hide for six month in a Christian village in North Lebanon.
God called me to the ministry early on, but I did not answer the call, but rebelled and went after my dreams and ambitions. Even though I was very active in church, from teaching, to preaching, I was not obedient to what God called me to; and that is to serve Him full time.
I went to the U.S. 1986 for four years and earned a BS in Accounting, then returned to Lebanon. At the age of 25, I had half a million dollars in my bank account, I owned my house, my business. I got married. All was going great, and I was going up the ladder… And for 20 years I was running away; but whom the Lord loves, He chastens, and indeed He did. In no time, my Father stripped me naked. I lost everything and was jailed for bankruptcy (that is the law in Lebanon). Then, I had only my family. Yet, I was hard-headed, so when I came out of prison, I went again into business, made money and had four retail stores.
In 2008, God had His way. I realized my hands are too short to box with God. I surrendered to the Lord’s will and liquidated all my business at a loss. Then, I started street evangelism, as well as ministering in an orphanage near Beirut. By 2009, God led us, as a family, to plant a church in the city of Tyre, South-Lebanon; close to the borders with Israel. I have five children: Laya, Selina, Lynn, Peter, and Sarah. God has been blessing us. We have distributed thousands of copies of the New Testament, and tracts of spiritual literature. We have helped hundreds of people in different ways, and we have seen God at work in saving souls. All of this has not been without persecution; for we are in the Devil’s Den: We had the windshield of the church’s van broken, my wife hit, and I was imprisoned. But God is good, with the blood of Jesus, we are more than conquerors.
We ask for your constant and continual prayers, for we believe in the power of prayers and whatever God puts on your heart in way of support, we are more than grateful and thankful.
May God Bless you and Keep you in Perfect Peace.
In Christ,

Edited by Robert Schwarz

The Word of God Will Never Return Empty


Isaiah 55:10-11
English Standard Version (ESV)
“For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven
    and do not return there but water the earth,
making it bring forth and sprout,
    (B)giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater,
so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth;
    it shall not return to me empty,
but (C)it shall accomplish that which I purpose,
   and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.

Dear Friends,
In the 1980s, when I was in college, I heard the Word of God from the mouth of a secular professor, and Jesus transformed my life from a member of the Muslim Brotherhood to an evangelist, and used me to plant Salam Christian Fellowship and a student ministry in Chicagoland.
Today, more college students are taking Bibles through our student ministry, especially New Testaments, and copies of bilingual Gospels that are changing their lives. We ask you to prayerfully consider donating towards purchasing more bilingual Gospels.

All things Are Rubbish, Compared to Gaining Christ

One of the last days I spent with Hajj Ali in 2010 at a monastery that overlooks Beirut, in nLebannon

One of the last days I spent with Hajj Ali in 2010 at a monastery that overlooks Beirut, in Lebanon


Hajj Ali celebrating my 50th birthday in 2010

Hajj Ali celebrating my 50th birthday in 2010

More than a year passed since the death of my beloved father Hajj Ali, in Beirut, Lebanon. I could not go then to the funeral, and could not mourn his death properly. Six months after that, my step-mother passed away. That sealed a long period of time (44 years) I lived in Lebanon.
As I ponder on my loss, and the world I lost because of following Jesus Christ, I find in the words of St. Paul in Philippians 3: 8, the only true expression of how I feel:
“More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them but rubbish so that I may gain Christ,” New American Standard Version
Below is the letter of condolences, sent by Pastor Bernie Lutz. I publish this as a tribute to my late father who supported me in my calling to follow Christ and serve Him:
Greetings in Jesus!

Ali Chihab lived a long life. A feisty, hard working, honest man with a generous heart. His grilled chicken, almonds and hosptiality were appreciated and we often enjoyed his well known “ful”. God, the mighty and merciful God, created and sustained Ali, and blessed him with a long, productive life. Out side of you, he was my best friend in Hamra and I will always remember his support for you and the new change in your life that took place under the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

When we left Beirut or when we arrived, Ali was there to welcome us with open arms and a kiss. This meant so much to us. You can be very proud of your father in so many ways. As to the judgment of his soul, only God has this answer, for He alone sees knowingly into our hearts and lives, He knows what we are thinking and what we really believe.

As you mourn the death of Ali Chehab may the powerful hand of God fall upon you with new love and hope. You made a decision to do what you are doing, your father gave his hand and heart in support of the task you chose, and now Roberta and I ask God to give you a peaceful heart, a heart that rests in the death, resurrection and work of Jesus, God’s only Son. Peace be with you.

As we ponder this news we will probably send you a memorial gift in memory of your father and our dear friend. You are like a true son and we love you very much. Please keep in touch.

Allah Mahabah (Arabic for “God is Love”)

Pastor Bernie, Roberta
January 29, 2012