Bibles for the Thirsty; Using our Freedoms to Spread the Gospel

Thomas, a convert from Islam who fled Yemen for his faith and joined Salam two weeks ago told me a touching story. “It took me six years to find a hard copy of the New Testament in Yemen. Before that, I used to read bits and pieces online, but I had not held a Bible in my hands until then. It was a time of euphoria for me. I kept reading it again and again for days…barely catching some sleep,” Thomas said.
We take our freedoms for granted and should be more aggressive in sharing the Gospel to the lost.

Since we founded Salam Christian Fellowship in 2007, we have distributed thousands of Bibles to Iranian, Iraqi, and Syrian refugees, in addition to college students.
This Christmas season, we have run out of Bibles and we need you urgent contribution to spread the Word of God so that we could offer Muslims the Spirit of Life this season.
All donations are tax-deductible. An arabic/ English, or Farsi/ English, bilingual New Testament costs, with shipping, costs $ 10.
Checks should be payable to Salam Christian Fellowship and sent to:
21W500 Butterfield Road,
Lombard, IL 60148
Hesham Shehab

Hesham Shehab

Hicham [pronounced HESHAAM] grew up in a world of bitter animosity between Muslims and Christians, which he experienced personally in a physical attack when only about 7. By age 13 he was recruited by an extremist Muslim group and later fought against Christians in the 1975 war in Lebanon. He was preparing to become a Muslim Preacher (Imam) when a car accident laid him up for a year. In 1980, in his first semester in college, his brother was killed by Christian militia. Hicham's response was to study by day, and by night take out his revenge in attacks on Christians. However, hearing the Sermon on the Mount, in a course of cultural studies (in college), brought him to faith. Later, Hicham earned an M.A. in the history of the Arabs and did Ph.D studies in the history of Islam. Hicham finished his pastoral education at Concordia, Fort Wayne, IN, and is currently in the Ph. D program there. Presently, Hicham, and ordained LCMS minister, pastors Salam Christian Fellowship and works as a missionary to the Muslims with the Lutheran Church in Illinois.