Awake, O Sleeper

“Awake, O sleeper,
and arise from the dead,
and Christ will shine on you.” Eph. 5: 14

The phenomenal spread of Islam in Europe and North America cannot escape one’s notice and attention. That growth is due largely to Muslims migrating to the West and Westerners converting to Islam. Islam’s ultimate goal is to conquer a tired Christendom that has resigned its responsibility toward God and his Word.
The advance of Islam in the West has produced results that include the following: Islam is taught in American public schools under the title of cultural studies (though similar treatment is not afforded to Christianity); and Islamic centers and mosques have spread in the West (while converts to Christianity do not have the right to worship freely in Muslim countries).

Lord God, humanly speaking, the West is like children playing with fire: they think they are having fun and do not realize the challenge they face,
Most people in the West have no regard for you, O Lord. Please have mercy on them. Forgive them for ignoring God, for belittling faith in Christ, and for becoming so pagan by choice!
Wake up your church, Almighty God. Help her leaders to repent of having a form of godliness that has long lost its power. May they re-crown Jesus Christ Master and Lord of their lives and communities.
Help the church to see the growth of Islam in the West as a God-given opportunity to bring the followers of Muhammad to the Kingdom of Christ. May your church rise to the challenge and take her responsibility of world evangelization seriously.
Send a mighty revival to Europe and America. I plead for Christ’s sake. Amen.