He proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ–with all boldness and without hindrance! Acts 28: 31

yamout teaching

Undaunted by the “powers of Darkness” in Lebanon, Brother Yamout is celebrating Easter with the locals in South Lebanon, and teaching them about the Bread of Life.

Preparing for Easter Monday to distribute a dozen of boiled eggs, pack of bread and The Bread of Life ( A New Testament ) to Poor Syrian Refugees, Poor Palestinian Refugees, and Poor Lebanese Families…


 easter eggs

Greetings in Christ

Again, I am sorry I could not come to the USA because of the Powers of Darkness (holding my passport in Beirut, Lebanon).yamout Easteryamout Easter 1
Keep lifting us in prayer, as we are preparing to do a lot in way of Evangelism.
Tomorrow, we will be presenting an Easter Sketch and giving out Easter Bags in the Christian quarters. In the afternoon, we have invited around 50 mothers from the neighborhood to celebrate Mother’s Day.
Next week, we will be presenting the sketch 4 times in different villages.
So we need your prayers, when the Devil is on the offensive, we are too…
Thank you.
God Bless
In Christ