Brother Mohammad Persecuted ..In Tyre….Where Jesus Walked the Earth

Dear Friends,

I would like to share with you the messages below. The events on March 30th and April 3rd are cancelled. Please keep Mohammad in your prayers.

Greetings in Christ
Dear Brother Hicham,
I will not be able to be with you next week, due to unforeseen circumstances:
The General Security in Lebanon is withholding my passport and are not letting me leave the country before they finish their investigation of our ministry in Tyre and of why I became a Christian, they might be thinking that I am a Spy. It looks like the powers that be have pushed them to make us problems, but God is Good.
Do pray for us, this not the first time, we had National Security do that, the first year we were here, and two years ago Secret Intelligence also came and investigated.
I will keep you posted on any developments and as soon as I get my passport I will inform you.
I am very Sorry to trouble you.
Thank you for all your efforts to host me.
God Bless.
In Christ


Greetings in Christ
Yes, you could.
Again, I am sorry.
Keep lifting us in prayer, as we are preparing to do a lot in way of Evangelism.
Tomorrow, we will be presenting an Easter Sketch and giving out Easter BagsIS4086RF-00030697-001. In the afternoon, we have invited around 50 mothers from the neighborhood to celebrate Mother’s Day.
Next week, we will be presenting the sketch 4 times in different villages.
So we need your prayers, when the Devil is on the offensive, we are too…
Thank you.
God Bless
In Christ