Come to Salam for an Update on Outreach to Muslims in Lebanon

yamoutDear Friends,
A brother in Christ from Lebanon, will be visiting with me end of March, and will give a presentation at Salam on Saturday March 30th, at 12: 30 pm. Brother Mohammad Yamout grew up Muslim, and he was called to faith in the 1980s. Mohammad belongs to one of the largest Islamic families in Beirut, and his cousins are top-notch Muslim clerics.
WE both used to sneak into the same church, in Lebanon, where I first met him. Now we meet after more than 30 years, both followers of Christ and evangelists.
Brother Yamout will brief us on outreach to Muslims in Hizbollah Land, where he boldly shares the love of Christ in Tyre, South Lebanon.
Afterwards, we will have a Middle Eastern lunch, as usual. So please RSVP.

Also, Brother Yamout will answer your questions about the influx of the Syrian refugees who have been coming to Lebanon and the big opportunities we have in sharing the Gospel with them.
You will find attached a photo of his family, and his Christmas newsletter.
Hope to see you there.
The event is free, but if you could contribute towards the expenses, it would be a double blessing for Salam.